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PokerAndroid is an automatic Hold'em playing pokerbot add on for Online Holdem Inspector. Our software, PokerAndroid, automatically reads the recommended action from Online Holdem Inspector and performs the suggested action for you without any interaction on your part required. PokerAndroid allows you to observe without interaction to improve your game play for the future, clear bonus requirements faster, earn rakebacks faster and even leave the computer without having to sit out any hands.

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Key features of PokerAndroid Pokerbot:

  • Fully functioning 14 day trial period to really take it for a test drive before purchasing.
  • Actual software download. NO SCRIPTING REQUIRED!
  • Support for 22 poker sites with more coming in the future
  • Free upgrades for life.
  • Multi-Table Support.
  • Start the session by simply pushing 1 button and nothing else.
  • PokerAndroid can sitout or leave the table if too few players are at the table based on your settings.
  • Customization of the title bar to help prevent detection.
  • Automatically list the available open tables with the push of a button.
  • Set the length of the session you want PokerAndroid to play for.
  • Set a maximum amount of time that PokerAndroid is idle for before he will leave the table.
  • Set the maximum amount of random time PokerAndroid will take to act.
  • Optionally automatically close the table when your session is over.
  • Optionally automatically close the poker site when your session is over.
  • Optionally automatically close PokerAndroid when your session is over.
  • Pause your session with the push of a button to manually play a hand then press resume to have PokerAndroid take over again.
  • Extend the length of your session during play.
  • Manually end your session early with the push of a button.
  • Automatically logs every move your PokerAndroid makes.
  • Simple single window tabbed user interface.
  • Move the poker table, PokerAndorid, and Hold'em Inspector anywhere on your screen.
  • Hidden from the windows taskbar.

PokerAndroid Pokerbot screenshot:

Product Information

  • Version: 1.0.7

  • Price: $69.99

  • Size: MB

  • License: Shareware

  • Developer: Rekop Industries

  • OS: Win95, 98, ME, NT 3.x, NT 4.x, 2000, XP, 2003

  • Rating:





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