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DreamCalc Scientific Calculator is the smarter alternative to a hand-held Scientific Calculator for your PC or laptop.

Binary Adder is a simple solution for those seeking a quick and easy way to perform basic operations on binary numbers.

Fahrenheit Converter is a quick and easy way to visually discover the difference between Fahrenheit and Celcius.

HVAC Loads 2.0 - Calculating heating and cooling loads for residential and light commercial buildings has never been easier.

GENOM 2005 is a feature rich and user friendly application for analysing array-experiments.

Global Mapper v8-v9 Upgrade is more than just a utility.

GSA Image Analyser is a program to analyze 2D-Images of any kind.

NeuroXL Classifier is a fast, powerful and easy-to-use neural network software tool for classifying data in Microsoft Excel.

Psychrometric + Duct Calculator can be used in more large range and is more precise.


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