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Watch your personal DVDs on almost any pocket device with a screen - including a Pocket PC, Palm, PSP, Portable Media Center, iPod Video, Archos, Lifedrive, Creative Zen Vision, Video Mobile Cell Phone, Smartphone, Windows CE device and more... 

The Pocket DVD Wizard will allow you to convert standard DVD content, Mpeg and AVI files into video files suitable and optimized for your handheld device or player. You can fit over 90 minutes of content on a single 128mb memory card, and with memory card prices falling every da you can fit 4+ movies on a 512mb card, 8+ on a 1gb card! 

The latest version includes support for high resolution (VGA) Pocket PC's and Palms so you dont need to watch your video in a small window, take it full screen! How about the new iPod Video or Playstation Portable - no problem, simply select it in the device selection screen and start watching your DVDs on your new device. Why not give it a try today? 

Do you have a lesser known device - perhaps a FlashTrax XT, Epson P-2000 Photofine or Gizmondo. The Pocket DVD Wizard works with these devices too! One application supports dozens on devices, 

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Key features of Pocket DVD Wizard:

  • convert dvd to portable format, convert mpeg to portable format, convert avi to portable files to play on a Pocket PC, Palm, PSP, iPod and more
  • The Pocket DVD Wizard is very easy to use.
  • Works on any PC that can play DVDs using Windows Media Player.  
  • Store 100s of movies on devices with hard drives (e.g. Archos, iPod Video, FlashTrax).
  • The Pocket DVD Wizard supports multiple output devices, it doesn't matter if you have a Pocket PC, Palm, iPod and PSP, you only need one piece of software.
  • 'Black bars' on the top and bottom of the picture can be removed from widescreen recordings.
  • You can record multiple episodes to separate files without additional user interaction.
  • You can enhance the video brightness for small device screens and extend valuable battery life.
  • You can select high quality,  balanced output or high speed - you make the choice.
  • You can select alternate languages and subtitles.
  • You have all the power you need,  but using the Wizard interface it's as easy as 1-2-3.

System Requirements: 

  • 1Gb free hard disk space

Pocket DVD Wizard screenshot:

Product Information

  • Version: 4.6.1

  • Price: $28.95

  • Size: 2.41 MB

  • License: Shareware

  • Developer: The Coding Workshop Limited

  • OS: Windows All, Palm OS 4.0, Windows CE, Pocket PC

  • Rating:





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