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ArtStudio is a simple yet powerful drawing program for all ages. It is a true drawing program with a simple easy to use interface that allows you to draw and rub colors quickly and easily.

Most brush changes can be accomplished with a single mouse click. You can create your own palette of colors by mixing them together in the same way that a painter would. You can select a "trace image" to help you draw. Press the space bar to see the trace image, draw on top of it, then release the space bar to see your drawing.

This is a great way to quickly sketch an outline when you begin a drawing. The coolest feature is that ArtStudio records your entire drawing so that it can be replayed. You can replay it as your screensaver with the Artwork Screen Saver (included with ArtStudio). You can even e-mail your drawings to someone who can then play them with the free Artwork Player or package them as E-Mail Art.

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Key features of ArtStudio Drawing Program:

  • Create drawings for the Drawing Hand Screen Saver. Use ArtStudio to create your own drawings for the Drawing Hand Screen Saver

  • Export the drawings you create as JPG, BMP, EMF, FPX, MAC Pict, PSD, TGA, TIF & WMF files

  • Send your artwork files to someone who can then replay them with the free Artwork Player

  • Display your artwork files on your web site with the Artwor

  • Player ActiveX control

  • Play your artwork files as your screen saver with the free Artwork Screen Saver included with ArtStudio

  • Create custom color palettes by rubbing colors together the way a painter would

  • Name and save your custom palettes so that they can be reused later

  • Quickly change the brush size, density, transparency and stiffness with a single mouse click

  • Use an image (JPG, BMP, EMF, FPX, MAC Pict, PSD, TGA, TIF & WMF.) as a trace image to help you draw

  • Save your drawing as an E-mail Art so that it can be sent to someone via e-mail. The recipient can then replay your drawing on his/her desktop. This method does not require the Artwork

  • Player but the file size will be larger

  • Easily perform screen captures to add images to your artwork

  • Display a customizable grid to assist you while drawing

  • Create image layers from bitmaps in the clipboard

  • Create layers from selections on your drawing/artwork

  • Magnify tool that magnifies areas of your drawing/artwork

  • Play your artwork files as your screen saver with the Artwork Screen Saver

  • Print your finished artwork

  • Play sounds (wav or mp3) with image, art, doodle and text layers

  • The on-line help contains a drawing tutorial

  • Quickly switch between drawing and rubbing by holding down the Shift key

  • Preview and optimize the compression of images used in the artwork

  • Fade images layers in and out of view

  • While creating your artwork you can move to the various layers using VCR like controls (Previous Layer, Next Layer, Rewind, Play...)

  • Print or Print Preview your artwork

  • Display a layout view of all your layers to help you align them

  • Cut, Copy, Paste, Clear and Delete layers of text, images, art or doodles

  • Create text layers using the fonts on your system

  • Convert a text layer to an image layer

System Requirements: 

  • 256 MB of RAM

  • 16-bit color display or greater

  • 5 MB free disk space

ArtStudio Drawing Program screenshot:

Product Information

  • Version: 2006 1a

  • Price: $29.95

  • Size: 4.11 MB

  • License: Shareware

  • Developer: Drawing Hand Creations

  • OS: Windows XP,2000,ME, NT4,98,Vista

  • Rating:





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