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Excel Templates All Programs Complete Set - support value-added financial management spreadsheets and supply Excel spreadsheets to help you plan your business finances and budgets, analyze and track fixed assets, cash flows and investment projects net present values and internal rate of return. Integrate your predictions with our Business Statistic spreadsheets that will help you to establish high confidence levels for your forecasts and projections.


Key features of Excel Templates All Programs Complete Set:

FINANCIAL PLANNING The Complete Set delivers 5 and 10 year financial projection spreadsheets.

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  • DEPARTMENTAL BUDGETING helps you budget up to 10 divisions or profit centers.

  • INVESTMENT PLANNING Net present values and Internal Rate of Return for investment projects.


  • FIXED ASSET ACCOUNTING plus calculate depreciation and book value balances ahead.


  • BUSINESS STATISTICS ANALYSIS All useful statistics calculated quickly and easily.

  • CASH FLOW PLANNING Track your monthly cash flows.

  • BALANCE SHEETS Instant balance sheet forecasting.


Excel Templates All Programs Complete Set Gold Edition provides these business finance Excel workbooks.

Investment-Calc 7.5.xls. Templates for evaluating investments projects, break even and payback using NPV & IRR valuations. Includes our 30 page Quick Guide to investment calculations.

Cash flow accounting. Budgeting cash flows throughout each accounting period.

Loan Amortization Manager - Multi user amortization web software. Share this multi account amortization software among work colleagues. Weekly, bi-monthly, monthly amortization schedules, save account records, edit loan repayments and interest rates at any time during repayment.

MasterBudgetspro.xls (monthly budgeting for 12 months, variances and ytd). Combines up to 10 p/l budgets. Incorporates overhead budgeting and allocates fixed expenses to p/l centers. Monthly p/l for each department, variances by individual revenue and expense categories. Year to date report summarizes the entire budget.

Asset Registerpro.xls. Straight line or declining balance monthly depreciation calculations. Assets can be allocated to any one of 10 classes and 10 locations. Depreciation and book value for each class and locations are summarized for the current month end.

QuickValue 5.1. Quick valuation of any business using value benchmarks by sectors.

Financial ratio analysis. Balance sheet, income statement and cash flow analysis calculates 50 key ratios, including operating ratios, shareholder returns, working capital, debt, sales days, inventory turnover, and liquidity.

Company performance analysis.

FastPlan.xls (five year p/l and balance sheet forecasting). Prepares five years monthly revenue and expense budgets and convert into five year (monthly) balance sheets, income and cash flow forecasts. Calculates operating and core ratios and return on capital. Flexible inputs include unit volume, pricing, cost of sales and company expenses monthly forecasting.

Inventory Manager PRO: Determine the best inventory re-order schedules (includes safety stocks), optimize the lowest cost re-order quantities, establish ordering frequencies and lot sizes, receive alerts when you need to re-order, includes seasonality, trends and forecasting, quality control inventory analysis. Improve efficiencies and enhance customer service with INVENTORY MANAGER PRO.

Statistics for Business.xls. Business Statistics. Average, Moving Average, Mean, Median, Mode, Range, Frequency, Seasonality Trends, Correlation, Variance, Regression formula, Significance (T-Test), Sigma and six sigma.

Budget Forecasting. We have used our own Business Statistics to calculate the regression formula for our web site. The program calculated a correlation coefficient with a confidence value (T-Test) above 95%. You can create regression equations with high confidence levels as the basis for your sales forecasting using Business Statistics.

Includes Real Estate -IRR & Negative Gearing (Buy to Rent evaluation) spreadsheets for Excel. Calculates ROIC and capital plus income profit returns. Use Real Estate Buy to Rent spreadsheets to maximize the combined capital and income returns from any rental property.

Plus bonus pack of 30 additional excel templates providing "what-if" financial modelling, bond valuations, balanced scorecard templates, NPV tables, financial functions for Excel, financial ratios and many more. Zip file download.


System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Excel 97 or more

Screenshot of Excel Templates All Programs Complete Set:

Product Information

  • Price: $189.95

  • License: Shareware

  • Developer: Millennium Software, Inc

  • OS: Windows All or Apple Mac

  • Rating:


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